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New to Satellite?

Read these Facts on the use of Satellite as your Internet Service Provider. Is DirecWay right for you? Read On!

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Welcome to the new DirecWay® DW7000 / DW7700 Satellite Internet System!

The DW7000 modem – the easy way to get online instantly! With no software to load, the frustration of dial-up is a thing of the past. DIRECWAY® still gives you a super-fast, always-on connection that is ready when you are, wherever you are in your home—no dialing in, no waiting. It makes set-up simple and up-keep an afterthought. If new software for the modem becomes available, the DW 7000 / DW7700 will automatically update itself, keeping you cruising through the Internet at top-speeds, all the time!

Introduced in 2005, the new DirecWay DW7000 / DW7700 from Hughes Network Systems has many new features previous models did not, such as:

  • Now supports networking! Instead of being connected via USB cable to a single computer on a network, the new DW7000 / DW7700 is now an integral part of your TCP/IP network and is simply plugged into your Ethernet switch or hub. Now all computers on your network can share the wonderful world of high-speed internet access!
  • MacIntosh systems with TCP/IP installed can now have direct access, too! Got a Mac? We've answered your demand for high-speed access too. The New DW7000 / DW7700 is compatible with Windows and Macintosh based systems, ensuring even more people the opportunity to get high-speed access in their homes
  • No telephone line is required, even for initial activation! The DW7000 / DW7700 is a fantastic solution for remote offices, camps, outposts and rural homes with no access to cable, DSL or even a telephone.
  • No software to load! The new DW7000 / DW7700 unit is self-hosted and automatically updates itself through the satellite or this can be done manually!


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