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Installation FAQs:

DW4000 & DW6000 Series

Before or during installation of your satellite broadband dish, you may want more information about your system. Here in our Frequently Asked Questions section, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions.

Can I install my satellite broadband system myself?
For a DIRECWAY Satellite Return System (SR381),CRTC in CANADA & the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the USA requires professional installation or service of your antenna assembly because it uses a radio transmitter and not just a receiver. It's important to use a professional installer to ensure that the antenna is fine-tuned for transmission and will not interfere with other satellite users. NetKingSAT relies on a team of trained experts to handle all installations.
If you install any portion of the system yourself, you will void any applicable installation warranty and service warranty.

Where can the antenna assembly be installed?
The DIRECWAY Satellite Return antenna assembly must be installed in a location or manner not readily accessible by people. It must be installed at least five feet above ground level or in a secure location. A code from the authorized installer is required before the DIRECWAY NOC (Network Operations Center) will commission the system.

What do I need to do to prepare for installation?
When you order your system, we'll send you an Installation Guide and a CD containing software to be used for installation (DW4000 Series). Be sure to read this guide and any other instructions you receive from us. The DW6000 series systems are Satellite based commissioning, therefore no software is employed or installed on your PC.
Preparing for hardware installation: Your installer will deliver your dish, inventory the contents of the box to make sure you have all the parts. The Antenna Installation Guide contains a list of parts. Then let the professional installer handle the installation of the hardware. You will be responsible for connecting the satellite modem and installing the software on your PC (DW4000 only).
Preparing for software installation (DW4000): Have your Operating System CD on hand or know where your .cab files are installed on your hard drive. You may be asked to insert the Operating System disk during the software installation. Back up your system prior to upgrading (or installing) your Operating System. Close all open applications before beginning the software installation.
Preparing for connecting the satellite modem (DW 4000): Do not connect the USB modem to your USB port on your computer prior to beginning the software installation. The software will prompt you to do this.
Always place the receiver (IRU) on top of the transmitter (ITU). Use the four clips provided to fasten them together.
We recommend that you use a surge protector to protect against damage to your equipment from power surges.

What about permits, licenses and permissions to install?
As the consumer, you are responsible for all permits, licenses, landlord approvals, approvals from homeowners associations and other permissions for your location. Please secure any and all of these required approvals before the installer arrives.

How does the installation process work?
Installation is an easy process:
The professional satellite system installer will assemble, install and point your satellite dish and run the cables from the outside components to the inside components. The installer will fine tune your antenna for transmission operations to ensure no interference is caused to other satellite users.
You will connect the satellite modem components.
Next you will install the software (DW4000 only).
When these steps are complete, you can power up and surf the Internet.

What else will be done when my antenna assembly is installed?
Antenna installation may require the following:
Routing coaxial cable through the foundation wall, under floors and through interior walls
Drilling holes in your office or home for routing cable
Determining the location of water pipes, electrical wiring or gas lines hidden in the walls where holes will be drilled
Grounding the antenna system according to electrical code to prevent shock and/or damage to your system
If the DIRECWAY Satellite Return System transmits and receives via satellite, why do I need a telephone modem? (DW4000 only)
You need a telephone modem only to set up your Satellite Return modem for the first time. The telephone line connection is used to download the transmission frequency and other installation parameters.
After your Satellite Return system is installed, a dial-up connection is not needed for your system to operate. However, you may wish to have a telephone modem in case you need to establish a dial-up connection to the Internet as a backup for the satellite modem receiver.

How do I find out about upgrades?
Software upgrades for the DW4000 are posted on the Hughes DirecWay website, . Check the website often for any changes.

The DW6000 receives updates automatically when they are available from the NOC.

Where can I get help with my installation?
First try the Help Files. When using the installation software, you can access the Help files by right-clicking the NAV icon and selecting Help from the pop-up list.
More help resources are in the English/docs folder on your DIRECWAY Software installation CD.

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